Swarovski pearls are called "Hermes in artificial pearls". It is made of high-quality man-made crystal inner tank, and the outer layer is made of electroplated color surface. No peeling or fading, very resistant to years of change. The shape is perfectly round, the surface is smooth, comparable to seawater pearls, and the luster is sharp and dazzling.
If it is used as jewelry, Shijia pearls are very worth buying. The luster and texture of the current simulated pearls are already the color of top pearls, and they are known as the best substitute for "Australian White". At present, many luxury brands choose Swarovski pearls, and the price is better than real pearls, which can explain the value of Swarovski pearls.
It is easier to control the quality of Swarovski pearls, control the size and gloss, and ensure that each jewelry is carefully designed, and the quality assurance can still retain the sense of design. The disadvantage is that the pearls are consistent, unlike freshwater pearls, each of which has a different color. But the advantage is that the size is uniform, and the overall uniformity can be better maintained for jewelry design.